Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Everyone in this world has dreams. Some have BIG,some small. Everybody wants to feel the feeling of being dream achieved. Everyone tries to get their dreams fulfilled by working hard or by hook or crook. Seriously i haven't meet much people who got their dreams fulfilled.
Some people have very good luck in achieving it some will just try, try and try till they die.
If you talk about me, I have BIG dreams and i am trying my best to achieve it.
I face different types of people in US, everyone have different types of dreams like an old man in 80's still have a dream to win the lottery ticket or try to win by a scratcher at 7-11 or any other liquor store.
Dreams: Every company in US has dreams to grow and how to grow. Like Yahoo is trying best to keep running the search engine and be in the market. Google is such a big company trying to buy companies and go in each and every sector.
This a very vast topic and i will try my best to keep updating this topic.
But i have something to say to everyone: RESPECT TIME AND KEEP CHASING YOUR DREAM, DON'T GIVE UP.